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If so, you can purchase .STL files and print the objects yourself.

Or... We can print the Knobs, Enclosures and Models for you!


We Use AutoCAD To Create Custom Enclosures and Models

For 3D Printing We Use Uitimaker 3

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C-172 Lower For The X-Plane & Other Flight Simulator 

Feel like your setting in the left seat of a Cessna 172 with a full size control panel at your finger tips. Connect this lower control panel to your X-Plane and use it to control the switches, trim, flaps, throttle and mixture! Purchase the .STL files and print it yourself... or we will be glad to print the C-172 Lower for you.


Cessna Style Knobs

Available NOW


Push/Pull Assembly

Available NOW

Push/Pull Assembly

3D printed high quality assembly . Completely assembled with 3-pin extension cable. Plug the Assembly into your analog input, calibrate and you're ready to take off. Built for flight simulation software, extensively tested using X-Plane 11.

Slide Potentiometer: 50k

Body: 3.35"    85mm

Travel: 2.36"   60mm

Mounting hole: 1/2"  12.7mm


Downloadable .STL Files Available NOW


Do You Have a 3D Printer? If So Purchase, Download & Print


ALL file downloads are for non-profit use only.  Meaning they cannot be distributed, radio streamed, performed, and/or monetized in any way.  

Moreover they cannot be modify in any way then distributed, given away, radio streamed, performed, and/or monetized in any way.

If anyone wishes to use a .STL file for any commercial and/or distribution use, are required to purchase a license from Chicago Stage Equipment Co. Inc..   Commercial or distribution license can be purchased from the CSE3D... click here to send us your request.



Chicago Stage Equipment Co Inc. (CSE3D) maintains all design rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights, and publishing rights for all images, designs and files.


NOTICE: More than eight thousand (8,000) images, designs and files are copyrightedand registered and can be found in Library of Congress.


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For The Entertainment Industry

Lighting Designers and Event Planners

The Perfect Gift of The Client Who Gave You The Biggest Job!



As Entertainment Lighting Designers and Event Planners, we give our clients drawings and renderings in hopes of winning a job.


Now take it to the next level and give the client a Real World 3D Model of the event.

Drawings are one thing, Renderings another, but 3D Real World Models are Priceless.

"There's nothing more exciting for a client than seeing a Real World Model of their event."

Give your client a Real World Model of their event and WIN more jobs!

We Can Turn Your Designs Into a 3D Models