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3D Printed Models for Theatrical, Entertainment Stage Lighting, Event Planning, Railroads and Dollhouses.

• We've learned that even 3D printing has its limits and we can work with you on printing your event models to assure that you get the best printed models.
• It’s easier to print an object in ½ inch scale or larger than to print it in ¼ inch scale, i.e. you lose detail the smaller you go and its harder to print objects like support legs, etc.

It’s important to know just how big a model you want of your event.
For instance, if a stage is 52 feet wide … at ¼ inch it would be 13 inches, at ½ inch it would be 26 inches and at ¾” it would be 39 inches.
A 6’ table with 8 chairs around it measures 8 feet,  at ¼ inch it would be 2 inches, at ½ inch it would be 4 inches and at ¾ inch it would be 6 inches.
At CSE3D we work to ensure that you get the best printed models possible.

• Standard Models are printed in plastic (PLA) in White or Grey
• Special orders can be printed in Nylon, ABS and CPE.
• Special order colors - Blue, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Silver and Black.
• 3D Printed models available in: 1:48 (1/4"), 1:24 (1/2"), 1:16 (3/4"), 1:12 (1") Scale.

The quality of the printed object is dependent on the 3D printer and knowledge and skill of the operator.
Some of the images shown are rendered for a CAD program to illustrate what the objects will look like when printed.

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