About us

3D printing is changing the way we present our design and manufacture products in much the same way that the Internet has changed the way we get information and communicate. CSE3D is focused on design and as been for over 30 years.

The 3D Printing technology we use is Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) the technology used for modeling, prototyping, and production applications. FDM printed parts are available in a variety of plastics that can resistant a variety of elements.  FDM can be printed in a variety of colors.

Services include:
•    3D Design and rendering using AutoCAD™ & LD Assistant™
•    Materials include: PLA, Nylon, ABS and CPE Filament
•    Special order colors include: Blue, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Silver and Black.

Chicago Stage Equipment Co. Inc. was Incorporated 1985 and is a registered Corporation in the state of Illinois. D.B.A. CSE3D, Design-Drafting.com and LDAssistant.com. 
We are located in Orland Park, IL 60462 U.S.A.  PH_708_499_0107

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